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Jennifer Yong helps people connect better – not through a dating site but in her purpose built kitchen at Jenius Social where you are never too old to learn new cooking techniques.

“I wanted to do something different and this fuses two of my favourite things – food and socialising,” says Jennifer Yong (pictured inset, left) who runs Jenius Social close to Holloway tube.

But since the Australian set up her friendly cooking classes she’s discovered that approximately half the guests book classes to celebrate a special occasion – anything from anniversaries to Christmas presents.

“A lot of our guests are adult children who are coming to the classes with their parents as a way of catching up with them. Recently a lady brought her mum (who was visiting from Italy) for a macarons class. It was for her surprise birthday present and their first birthday stop for the day. They started off the day with the macarons class, followed by lunch and then a visit to a gallery.”

Taking a cooking course at Jenius Social isn’t about slaving over a hot stove either. “All our classes are friendly. They last two hours so that our guests do not have to be on their feet for longer than that. We also have high stools in the kitchen for guests if they cannot be on their feet for too long,” she adds.

And unlike TV’s Bake Off, time spent upgrading your cooking skills is also a chance to swap knowledge and even phone numbers. “Classes such as Mexican street food, Tapas and Indian Street Food encourage our guests to make the dishes together and dine together in our dining room afterwards. It is extremely rare for guests to rush off without dining with others – and it’s usually because they have booked an appointment they couldn’t get out of,” warns Jennifer.

Forget worrying about whether your soufflé will rise, but what you do need to remember is to clear your calendar so you have time to eat what you’ve made with your cooking classmates.


Feast your eyes on the wide range of courses that you can choose from:

Indian Street Food
Pasta Pronto
Classic French Desserts
Wild West Barbeque
Fantastic Fish
Marvellous Macarons
Authentic Thai Cooking
Tempting Tapas
Mediterranean Street Food

If this selections doesn’t whet your appetite, you may need your tastebuds looking at.

Jenius Social has classes every day (except Monday and Tuesday) offering the opportunity to learn and cook, or learn a bit more about something you enjoy (eg, coffee or beer) and a monthly supper club. To find out more, visit www.jeniussocial.co.uk or call 020 3750 2478.

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