We asked two Jenius Social attendees – Diane Armstrong, 69 and Robert d’Brass, 70 – to give us their candid opinion of a recent dessert class.

Q. How did you meet each other?
Diane: We met at Age UK in one of the activities we do. Generally just meet up and chat to each other – how Islington used to be in the old days – with a nice cup of tea and nice biscuits.
Robert: We met each other at the Spanish Class (I know she’s told you something different, but it was the Spanish class).

Q. How are you connected to Age UK Islington?
Diane: I do a number of their activities during the week, but I’m also an Age UK volunteer and have been since I retired at the age of 58 – that’s going on for 11 years now.
Robert: I live in Islington. And I went there for a little bit of help. Then I realised they don’t only give information, they also have various activities too.

Q. Have you been to a cookery class beforehand?
Diane: I have. I have done some cookery classes through Age UK at the Community Kitchen in Islington, Manor Gardens.
Robert: Not with Age UK, but generally yes.

Q. What was the most fun part of today’s class?
Diane: Oh, the whole experience was really fun. It was nice being with other people and learning new things and just making a joke here and there.
Robert: The most fun part was making the last dessert that we had. I thought it was really lovely. The chocolate fondant.

Q. What was the trickiest part of the class?
Diane: The trickiest part was… separating eggs!
Robert: I don’t really know, he was such a good teacher – there wasn’t very much that was tricky – he was very hands on with us.

Q. Score each other’s dessert out of 10 and explain your answers
Diane: 8 for Robert. 9 for me, mine’s better.
Robert: Well if I score Diane’s I would say she did very well. She did a 9 out of 10. Because everything was even. Mine I would give it a bloomin‘ 6.

Q. Would you recommend this class to someone else? Why?
Diane: I would, but listening to the prices I think some of the people I know wouldn’t be able to afford it. But I’d certainly recommend it to people I know who could afford it. Because the kitchen is so lovely, one of the nicest kitchens I’ve been into and plenty of equipment, the chap who’s doing it is very good – he includes everyone in all of the stuff.
Robert: Oh, I would recommend it to anybody – because they are very, very talented at teaching you.

Q. Are you going to eat your dessert now or share it at home with someone?
Diane: I’ll share it at home with my daughter and granddaughter, because I’ve got something else to do this afternoon and I don’t want cream all over my face and down my front!
Robert: I live alone, so the only person I will share it with is me.


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