We asked two kayaking class attendees – Priti Pederson, 59 and Abhayadevi Tissington, 59 – whether it was worth taking the plunge.

Q. Have you been to an event recommended by Age UK Islington before?
Priti: No I haven’t.
Abhayadevi: No.

Q. Do you normally spend a Tuesday morning out and about on a canal?
Priti: Ha ha…no.
AbhayadeviDefinitely not.

Q. What were you most nervous about before you went to this class?
Priti: Getting cold and wet, that’s what I was most concerned about.
AbhayadeviWell just the possibility of falling in I guess. I can swim at least.

Q. What did you enjoy most about this class?
Priti: I really enjoyed being outside. It was such nice weather for it.
AbhayadeviJust seeing the city from different vantage points and especially kayaking through the bit that’s like a jungle – I think people also called it the Wenlock Basin. With that iris, with the yellow flowers and all the trees meeting and forming an archway. It was beautiful.

Q. Who had the most balance on the water?
Priti: I have no idea, but it wasn’t me.
AbhayadeviWell I most definitely think I have one arm stronger than the other, because it was very, very hard to go in a straight line.

Q. Would you recommend doing this class to someone else?
Priti: Yes I would. It’s good to try out new things, in a reasonably safe environment. I felt welcome here and I really enjoyed myself. To try a new sport when you’re a little bit older, you want to feel confident…this was really reasonable and fun.
AbhayadeviI think it is enjoyable. Personally I’d have preferred to do it in a smaller group, because I think when you’re trying to manoeuvre your own kayak with so many people around it makes it harder.

Q. Will you be sticking to kayaking or upgrading to a yacht?
Priti: If I could afford a yacht, I’d have a yacht. Otherwise I’ll just keep on paddling.
AbhayadeviI do like exercise, but I prefer to do something where I can move my legs. I’d definitely go for the yacht.


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